Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Travel Tuesday

I've decided to create a Travel Tuesday regular feature, and we'll link our blogs together based on the travel theme. You can create a travel post based on a journey near or far - sometimes your back yard is the best place to travel, don't you think? Just send me a note and your blog address and I'll add links to your pages from my own.

I've been a bit negligent in keeping up with everyone's blogs, but I will say I enjoyed Georgia's post on being by the water, today. I'm sure her sentiments are shared by many. And Oasis, on Shuttersisters, speaks loudly to being in the moment, wherever you are. Lens.Us.Together has themed weeks, and this week is all about lazy summer days. So....whether you travel near or far, there is much to see in our world.

I caught up with Roamin' in the garden this morning. He's been feeling a bit left out lately, as he missed the trip to Texas and New Orleans. We began reminiscing about adventures we've had together, and those we've had apart, and I decided to share some of our thoughts on travel.

One place Roamin' hasn't been is the upper peninsula of Michigan in the fall. He's hoping to make the trip this year, if we can squeeze the time from work. The colors are fabulous, and being out in the fresh, crisp air is invigorating.

Another wonderful adventure was our trip to Costa Rica a number of years ago. Though hot and humid 24-7, we had an enjoyable and educational experience. Roamin' hadn't joined the family at that point and after he saw our photos he made me promise to take him to visit this lush and vibrant country some time; I assured him it's on our "bucket list" of places to return to.

The summers are made for excursions to various locations in the western U.S. which have been breathtaking. The extreme landscapes take your breath away...vast, wide-open spaces where you can imagine what it must have been like for our early settlers as they traveled to this new and untamed wilderness. The National Park system in our country was invented by those who were environmentalists, lovers of the land. Without those great thinkers we might not have the ability to enjoy our wild America, and appreciate our heritage. Through photography we can teach the next generations the wonders of the land and how important it is to preserve and maintain. Yes, we need to stand on our soapboxes:).

Then there's Oregon's Columbia River Gorge, Oshkosh, WI, sailing the Great Lakes, and our own back yard. Sometimes all we have to do is go for a walk in our community to find beauty and rejuvenation.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you as you send me links to your own adventures, and passions. Photography is such a wonderful medium to get our point across, particularly the more visual our society is getting. Short bites of information, with impact.

Enjoy! Celebrate! Share the joy of our beautiful world.


georgia b. said...

i is such a beautiful world we live in! and sadly, we often take it for granted. this last daisy shot and the tree frog shots are outstanding! sounds like you've had some really wonderful travel experiences. what a gift!

thanks for sharing and linking. i'm glad you enjoyed my post.

Traci said...

Hi Sandy! I've finally gotten around to writing about hydrangeas for cold regions, if you'd like to take a look at http:onefelloutofthecuckoosnest.blogspot.com/

Love the frog and bunny shots!