Saturday, April 22, 2017

Neglected Pup

This is the look of a dog who is happy and content...for the moment.  See that silly grin?

The poor "child" has been sadly neglected, as you can tell by the lack of Facebook posts which feature her.  This does not mean we love her any less, it just means we lead busy lives.  As I finish up another semester of teaching, we are definitely looking forward to more time to play!

That being said, a growing 1 1/2 year old puppy (in a dog's body) needs exercise and play time.  The winter was not as harsh as it has been in the past - Hallelujah -so we did manage some excursions in the snow.

As the weather continues to become more spring-like, she has discovered she DOES like water after-all.  At least the calm variety.

 She is also intrigued by flowers...and fortunately has not had to taste them!

When she is not outside she has to occupy herself somehow, so there is the terrorizing of the cat...

...helping me write...

...begging for petting...

...watching nature programs on television...

...and after she has begged to go out...the begging to come in.

And we think one of her very favorite activities is to sneak onto the couch when she is sure you are still in the shower.  When she gets caught...she pretends she is totally innocent and simply looks away from you and out the window.

The one thing she does for both of us is enrich our lives, and keep us active.  There is also that thing about unconditional love.

And now we're off to enjoy a lovely spring day!  Get outside and play!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Time Flies - and So Do I!

When I stepped into the elevator last fall, I wondered if this padding was a sign of things to come!
It is absolutely delightful to have some time to catch up.  Catch up on life!  A new semester begins this week and I am extremely thankful it is a light one for me.  The fall was too heavily focused on "work," and there was little or no time for me to write, photograph, and enjoy my family.  Last night I set about putting last semesters photos from my classes into Shutterfly so I could share them with my fall students - and it brought some closure to the courses, and relationships I built with my students.

In the fall I taught 2 sections of an Introduction to Education course, and 1 of Inclusion for the General Education Teacher.  When I walk into my collegiate classroom for the first time, this is typically what I see:

And then it quickly becomes this:

Of course, I do not teach in a lecture format, and this course is an exploratory of the teaching field, and the importance of professionalism, so I have to get to know the students well to help them make the most informed program decision they can.  That focus leads to this:

And this:

By the end of the semester they have learned to process the information and synthesize their findings into a more informed decision about their career path.  A wrap-up mind-mapping activity draws from their connections to content over the course of the semester:

And in the end they leave wiser, for the most part, and ready to tackle the next step on whatever path they decide to take.

One more semester in the books, and I will admit I am glad to be taking a break from the campus classroom this current semester to head back into the field.  I LOVE to mentor student teachers as they learn how to navigate the mysteries of lesson planning, classroom management, professional skills, building relationships and networks...and so much more.  My group of 6 began in their area classrooms today and I am anxious to hear about their start.

So...we are off again!  But hopefully I will also be able to squeeze in my writing and photography a bit more, as well as catch up with my blogging friends and acquaintances.

Happy New Year!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Breath of Fresh Air

A beautiful weekend.  Perhaps not as colorful as we have had in the past, but time in nature is time well spent.  Time with those you love, doing what you love, is a breath of fresh air in a far too busy life.

Each October we try to take a photo adventure of some sort, searching out the color and beauty of our  wonderful state.  Usually it is our anniversary weekend, and this year we were just a couple of weeks early.  But we celebrate our time together whether it is on a specific date, or not.

One thing we have noticed since we got the pup is that our photography has had to evolve.  No longer can we each take our time to set up shots, look for that perfect angle and have both hands free.  If we have Kaycee with us, she either has to wait in the car for us, or be part of the photo shoot!  The other option we also exercise, is one of us takes photos while the other walks the dog.  Or be her talent agent - as she draws so much attention wherever we go.  It is very good for her, as we are working on socialization skills and behavior, but it is almost a full-time job at tourist attractions!

                             Here are some highlights from our adventure North of the Bridge.  
                                                         At Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Cut River Bridge walk

Foliage and Fungi

Running Free at the Airport in Munising

Fall Decorations in Town

A Swim in Pete's Lake - gentle water with no waves.

No Swim in Lake Superior - too much action and noise!

Quiet, Off-the-Beaten-Path Finds

Photographer or Subject?  Both!

Au Train Falls

Whitefish Point Coast Guard Light Station

Memorial on the Beach to Lives Lost on Lake Superior

Beautiful Sunset as Peace Settles on the Soul

What are some of YOUR favorite locations?