About Us

Daryl and Sandy Koch

Photographers, writers, teachers, pilots, boaters - these are some of our titles. Daryl and I don't share them all -but work together to create a package. Sandy is the writer, the keeper of the words. She is the blog presence, with a little input from her other half:).

We love to travel, to see the world and all it has to offer.  And we love to share our adventures, hoping to educate others about the place we have in preserving this vast beauty for future generations.  We do start in our backyard, helping our children and grandchildren find beauty and wonder in everyday things. 

I recently had a conversation with my daughter which revolved around the fact that her son loves birds - a fondness she does not share at all!  One bad experience at Cedar Point Amusment Park MANY years ago colored her view of our feathered friends.  And when a bird decided to next in her hanging plant outside the door one spring, she was not a happy camper.  Yet, she realized her son was excited and has helped him to nurture that interest.  Will he one day become a falconer, as his uncle is?  Time will tell.  She will continue to cover her head, I am sure:).

And so we are on this mission - take photographs, share photographs, teach about photography, and explore and share the many wonders found near and far.    Welcome to the ride!