Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pleasantly Exhausted

I love summer.  I love vacation.  I love spending time with family.  When these three things I love converge it is a recipe for a pleasant exhaustion.  Tonight, at 9:02, I am waiting for bedtime.  Not just for the kids, but for us!

Daughter Christine arrived on Sunday with her two fabulous children.   A family gathering was a "must" for Father's Day, and we managed to get almost everyone together for a meal and lot of catching up.

The next day dawned warm and clear, so it was time for an errand or two.  The kids wanted to help take Kaycee to the vet for a check-up, so that was our first outing of the day.  Then a walk and trip to the park gave us an adventure.  Warm and humid, the best comment of the day came from our yellow rose of Texas, Chloe - "I thought it was supposed to be cooler here!"  Playing a new game was also on the activity list.  Over, and over and over again.  No surprises there!

Let's not forget a movie date to see Finding Dory!  The sound of the all the children laughing during parts of the movie as fun.

In the evening we sorted out some books, as it is time to pass along what is left of my classroom library.  It was fun looking through the books, reading some stories, and watching the excitement on the faces of the kids as they found something they were intrigued or excited about.  Yes, there are a number of books ready to grace the bookshelves in their rooms back home.

And today was a big outing day.  The kids and their mom went to visit a friend in the morning and the quiet was a bit deafening!  In the afternoon we all went to a wonderful discovery museum and spent an hour and a half exploring the world of bees, rockets, sea creatures and building things.

After that we hit the Splash Pad and enjoyed a warm summer breeze as the kids played in the water.  Another opportunity for family time when Kory, Mandy and the kids met us there - bringing pizza for supper.  Kaycee joined us in the park and really wanted some pizza, but she settled for ice cubes.

Ah...I hear a story being wrapped up and some sleepy children ready to get to bed.  Tomorrow's another big day - when you come to Grandma and Grandpa's there is so much to do and see!   Their cousin is arriving by plane in the afternoon, and one more grandchild will join the festivities for the rest of the week.  Oh the adventures we will have!

Time to get some rest or we are not going to be able to keep up with them!  And though I am clearly losing my ability to concentrate and form complete thoughts....it is a pleasant exhaustion which is setting in.  Grandchildren are delightful creatures! :)

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