Saturday, August 1, 2015

Snapshots - A Bit of our Story this Summer

Fairbanks Cultural and Visitors Center
What do we do when we aren’t focused on flying or fishing, you might ask?  There are SO many things to do and places to explore, we had to pick and choose a bit.
Quilt Shop in Anchorage

There was shopping…I had to check out the local quilt shops and purchase my Row by Row kits!  It was really fun to see the similarities and differences between shops in the city, and those in more rural settings.  The commonality, of course, is the love of pattern and fabric and quilting.
Quilt Shop in Fairbanks - my favorite of all I visited on this trip.
Talkeetna - the smallest quilt shop I have ever been in!
There has been lot of photography, of course.  Sometimes on my own, and sometimes with Daryl; we each like to photograph a scene in slightly different ways.  I do love to shoot wide scenics, but spend a lot of time looking for close-ups.  Daryl will choose the scenic over a close-up any day.

We have also enjoyed learning about the areas we have visited, and the culture.  I love murals –and it seems that many cities love them as well.  But murals and the public display of artwork are in many areas.  Through this very visual medium you can learn a lot about the people and places you visit.  These two murals are an example of the types of storytelling we have seen.  They grace the entire sides of commercial buildings in the downtown area.

Dawson Creek - the start of the Alaska Highway

There are always boats to look at....

...and wildlife refuges as well as sealife centers to explore.  That's another whole post!

And some quiet time to enjoy each location.  Though Daryl did fish, and even took a salmon fishing trip, there were no fish in our fry pan this trip.

This is just a snippet of our journey this past 8 weeks.  Lots more to share as time, and internet, allow.


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