Monday, May 25, 2015

Into the Woods

We watched the movie Into the Woods last night.  Very interesting look at a number of "familiar" fairy tales.  And it was nothing like the lovely time we recently spent in some woods near us!

Time to reboot.  That's what we needed this weekend - time to decompress and remember that life was meant to live, to appreciate, not to "get through."  And that is what we did.  For us, this meant taking time to be in nature, walking and taking photographs and spending time in each others company.  It also meant spending time with family.  The best of both worlds came together yesterday.

  We were introduced to a beautiful nature park in the area by my step-son.  My daughter was home for the weekend for a class reunion, and the stars aligned to give us some time when we could come together and reconnect in a meaningful way.  The "kids" had such a great time catching up with each other.   So much laughter, and so much beauty!

It wouldn't be family time without a little goofiness.  My drama -queen snatched the opportunity presenting itself by the placement of a sign on the wall of the bridge:

Fortunately, all's well that end's well.  

We needed this time so we're ready for the week ahead. 

Spoiler alert:  There are more stories to come, as the end of the week brings the beginning of the next stage in our lives, and a huge and exciting adventure this summer!

 Stay tuned!


Debbie Dionne said...

I love catching up with you And your beautiful family. Your photos are awesome and I truly enjoy seeing how happy and healthy you are along with the family. Plus I am excited to learn of the next adventure in all of your lives. I try with my smart phone. I am sorry you do not have the same quality of photos to see. Love to you

Jeanie said...

Hi Sandy,

What a glorious time you had! Your family is lovely and how joyful to really be able to spend a jolly, happy time together. And the environment is beautiful. Your woods aren't nearly so frightening!

Many thanks for your comments today on Marmelade Gypsy. Are you north during the airplane weekend at Otsego Lake? I'm not sure if we'll be there or not, but let me know, just in case!