Monday, July 21, 2014

Yarn Bombing - a New Fascination

Last night, the Camera Club group we belong to went on a photo shoot to the garden of one of our members.  I use the term "garden" loosely, however, as it was really a destination filled with wonder and delight.  Located just north of St. Johns, MI, don't miss it on the Garden Tour next summer.  This work of art will not disappoint.

 At this point you may be wondering what does a photo shoot in a beautiful garden have to do with the title of this post - "Yarn Bombing."

Well here you have it.  A fascinating type of graffitti, this art form is apparently becoming a big deal all over the world.  The fiber arts community is grabbing hold of this new creative venture.  If you look up "Yarn Bombing Los Angeles" you will find an entire fiber arts community "engaging 2000 people online, 500 people world wide, 30-200 locally" in creating and donating a variety of Yarn Bombing projects.   Just look at some of the photos I found when I Googled "yarn bombing" this morning.

Steps in the lobby of an ad company in Austin, TX.

Street and sidewalk in Paris.
Road Trip Picnic - a park
A bus in Mexico.
Firemen hanging knitted and crocheted cherry blossoms.
So in Debbie's garden, her Yarn Bombing flair runs to tree trunks.

I do tend to jump on the bandwagon when I become excited about something, so I wonder if this is something to tackle on those long winter evenings.  Debbie indicated she does have to replace, or change up her decorator tree trunks - usually every year. The birds pick at the yarns and she says it begins to look pretty ratty.  But there is nothing destructive about wrapping the trees with the lengths of yarn.  One long length, like knitting a huge scarf, then wrap the tree and whip-stitch the sides together.

Maybe it's something to set the grandchildren to do!  My wheels are spinning.


Kamana said...

looks like fun... and very colourful!

Christine said...

Soooo cool!!

Nathalie Beaumes said...

We've had yard bombing here in Avignon too. Isn't it a lovely and exciting way to practice street art?