Friday, June 27, 2014

The Polar Express Runs Year Round!

I am looking for any opportunity to take some photos and experiment with different effects.  A perfect opportunity presented itself just a week ago, when the Owosso Steam Railroading Institute had a gathering of a variety of trains and engines for the weekend, giving rides and on display for the public.

A steam engine is so nostalgic, and the 1225 was used in the filming of Polar Express, so it was a double treat.  We had a very enjoyable day photographing this engine and the cars it pulled.  The cost of admission to the entire event was a bit much for us, so we were content to roam the town a bit, watching the activity and spending time in a fair atmosphere.

People really love their trains.

Trains are only a small part of our history.  The older I get the more I value the past, knowing that through the past we find our future.  It's important to keep records and tell stories - so our children and grandchildren will have something of us when we are gone.  The teacher in me also thinks it's important for people to know the bigger history of our country, and our world.  Sigh.  That's a tall order! to go about this daunting task.  Any suggestions?


joyce said...

I love trains, looks like a nice day. Coincidentally, I am also thinking of keeping memoirs of the past, as I am reading a collection of short stories written by an 80-somethin lady I know of growing up in Pouce Coupe, in the extreme north-east corner of British Columbia. I find myself wishing I had the talent to write stories of my own youth, these are so well written.

S. Etole said...

It is a daunting task but a very needful one. I enjoyed seeing this series. We had a logging train that ran through our mill town. There is a special nostalgia in the memories.

Jeanie said...

I was thinking of doing that -- didn't tie out right but three cheers! So glad the weather was perfect for a wonderful day!

Relyn Lawson said...

Suggestions? Hmmm... Just dive in. I love this quote: People often overestimate how much they can accomplish in an hour. And, they underestimate how much they can accomplish in a lifetime. Yep. Just dive in.