Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fabulous Finds

Seul Choix Lighthouse, near Manistique, MI
A blog I follow, Meri's Musings, runs a Thursday's Theme - "Share the Joy Thursday."  I have not participated until today, not because I don't have any Joy in my life, Thursday or otherwise, but because I haven't taken the time to carve that purposeful post out of my day.  Until now.

A lot of things bring me JOY - the arrival of a new grandchild (by Thursday next week, I hear!), time in nature, sharing a joke with my husband (or a tear) - so for today I chose something that always makes me smile and go "Ah ha!"  That is finding a picture within a picture.

On our annual summer excursion with the St. Johns Camera Club we explored an area of the Upper Peninsula which we hadn't spent much time in before.

The ruins themselves were fascinating, a story of another time in our Michigan history, when the Great Lakes were used for business purposes.  Port cities and lighthouses are abundant.
But you have to look past the obvious, sometimes, to find the surprises.  And your picture takes on a whole new meaning.  The picture within the picture.

No, they're not manipulated yet...these are straight out of the camera.  The "rules" say you never post a photo that isn't your best, that doesn't show you off in some way.  However, aren't photos of your "ah ha" moments treasures?  They show your growth as a thinker - a composer of a moment in time.  So though neither of my picture-within-a-picture shots are ready to hang on a wall,  they do demonstrate that the art of taking a photograph includes rough drafts - those moments when you just have to get the idea "down."
And that is Joy, this Thursday :)


deb did it said...

oh what a beautiful collection of JOY!

Meri said...

This is such a fun post -- and I often post pictures that aren't artistically composed, but show my life, my sensibilities, what grabs my attention. Yes: we're composers of moments in time. Love that phrase!

S. Etole said...

I think the "ah ha" photos are the most treasured.

joyce said...

I like your picture within a picture ideas and may have to find some of my own.