Monday, August 1, 2011

Living History

It's unbelievable that today is August 1. Where have June and July gone? It's time to cram in the sailing, flying, biking, and other outdoor activities we enjoy so much when the weather is warm and the breezes are balmy.

However, stronger breezes are in order for sailing. Daryl loves to see the rail in the water, where I happen to love a gentler heel. The wind filling the sails, the water lapping on the bow, and the ability to sit back and bask in the motion, and the silence, of a ship under sail.

Our own boat is not in the water this summer, but we were able to enjoy a sail recently on the tall ship Friends Good Will, based in South Haven, MI. If you haven't had the opportunity to sail on one of these historic vessels, look for the nearest port and sign up for a fabulous experience.

Friends Good Will is a replica of an 1811 ship, chartered by the U.S. government to transport military supplies to Fort Dearborn (Chicago). The ship was captured by the British after being lured into the Mackinac Island Harbor, carrying furs and skins. The original ship played a small part in the War of 1812 - and was recaptured by Commodore Oliver Perry at the Battle of Lake Erie.

The replica of this ship is now a museum, and an adventure. You can even have the opportunity to work on the ship, both at dock and as it makes a summer loop of various ports on the Great Lakes. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful summer adventure?

We had a great afternoon on Friends Good Will, talking to the crew (dressed in period attire) and helping hoist sails (or watching others participate:)). The wind was mild, so no rails in the water this time. In fact, at one point we were all looking up, hoping for any breeze to fill those sails. But it was a great way to spend a summer day...leaving us wanting much more.

How are you filling your summer days? This includes trying to say cool during the terrible heat!

Indoor projects are another post!


S. Etole said...

That last photo is heart-grabbing! Staying cool in the A/C.

Relyn said...

I does sound like a wonderful adventure. YAY for summer.

Sandy K. said...

The airconditioner as been running overtime this summer, it seems like. We have a window unit, but it does a nice job of keeping us comfortable. Being on the water is better, of course...lovely breezes.