Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Joy in the Morning

Morning is my favorite time of day. I love hearing the birds outside my window and lazily stretching, thinking about the moment. I make it a point to lay in bed thinking about the act of waking up every day - a gift. Thank YOU.

Then I'll get up, slip on my tourquoise robe (summer color), pour my first cup of coffee, and look out the kitchen window for a much-anticipated glimpse of our June guests.

Sometimes it's "the boys," a group of three young bucks working at growing those antlers in preparation for fall. Lately, however, it's the ladies. There are two mothers, each with new offspring to show off. They come across the field to pick up their youngsters, who scamper playfully through the tall grass, happy to be allowed to run and jump and play after hiding in the wetland all night. One doe has a very sweet young one...spotted and inquisitive. They move East to West across the property, mother intently watching for trouble, an innocent fawn at her side. The other doe moves cautiously across the landscape, seeming more nervous, looking anxiously this way and that - obviously more stressed than the other young mother. Wouldn't you be if you had TWO charges who were scampering all over, not knowing the dangers they faced? The twins are adorable as they kick up their heels and drive their mother crazy.

Summer. Mornings. Warmth. New beginnings. There is much to find joy about every day.

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What about you? Favorite time of the day? Simple pleasure? Please share:).


S. Etole said...

I love to watch the does with their little ones ... they are so affectionate.

This would fit right in with the photo prompt at "3" about "morning". Please join in if you would like.

Sandy K. said...

Thank you, Sue. I followed your lead:).

Meri said...

It's always such a thrill to see deer in my neighborhood -- especially moms and fawns. Not as common a site as when I first moved here 13 years ago, but still as great a thrill.

Noelle Renee said...

Lovely images. I think that my favorite time of day is toward sunset when I take a walk on the beach after work. But your mornings sound lovely and full of life! I love the images of the deer and your description.

Dawn Elliott said...

Summer mornings...and evenings...are my all-time favorites, as well. What an awesome spectacle you witness each day, as you start each day with joy and thoughtfulness!

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

gorgeous! thanks for adding to 3!