Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Theme - Give-away

As you may have read in my last post, Camera Club competitions happen throughout the school year. "Motion" was last month's theme, and it was a lot of fun looking for potential images. This month, however, is leaving me a bit mystified.

"Transportation" is the theme, and it's wide open. We have a lot of aviation photographs, which club members will anticipate us entering. We also have a lot of boating photographs, which may garner one or two for us to choose from. However, we want something different.

Unique. Show-stopper, would be nice.

Please leave us some suggestions for potential images we should take for this competition. If we choose your ideas we will be glad to send each winner a copy of the entered image. There could be a lot of winners, as we enter three themed images each. We need to shoot soon, so the window for this give-away is small.

Please post suggestions by Friday, March 11. Yes, that's right. Only a little over a week away. Let's hear how creative, and helpful, you can be!

Thank you!


We Blog Artists said...

Hey Sandy, sorry I haven't been here for a while...thanks for passing by...I guess now there is no Lens US Together I miss all of you guys... imediately I see one of my drawings but in real life.
OR a whole family on a Vesper...this is quite normal in Italy...not sure if you could find it over where you are?
Um...I'm stumped...that's it for now...I will come back if I think of others.

georgia b. said...

i ALWAYS love images of trains. or even just train tracks. i think that would be cool! or how 'bout vintage cars of trucks?

i also always love bicycle photos... especially vintage bicycles with baskets and such. those are my suggestions... my two cents. =)

thanks for stopping by and letting me know. i'm curious to see what you come up with!

Meri said...

Hmmm..... wagons, roller skates, skis, snowboards, cars of course, buses, horses, dogsleds, snowmobiles, motorhomes, racecars. A few off the top of my head.

Sandy K. said...

There are some great ideas here...the creative juices are flowing! I'll definitely keep you posted. Keep the ideas flowing. Thanks.

Char said...

i always like seeing people being transported, like runners, commuters, etc.

Jeanie said...

Like Georgia B., I'm a sucker for bicycles, in motion (like racing -- probably not the best time of year for that), in pieces or cute and charming.

I think brightly colored feet could be fun, too -- running or walking. Classic cars. Sailboats (or otherwise), hot air balloons. At this time of year, skis will get you where you want to go...

And thanks for stopping by the Marmelade Gypsy!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Sandy, love your latest images. Seems the weather on your part is wonderful. We are getting there Spring definitively is in the air.
And can't have enough of that.
Be well hugs Dagmar