Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting for the Sun

A good old-fashioned blizzard, the kind we haven't seen in years. Swirling fingers of snow dancing across the landscape, and up into the air.

And then calm settles in, and the sun shines upon us.

It's hard to appreciate nature's gifts when the cold has settled deep into your bones,
but the view was mesmerizing,
and the coffee was piping hot!


Christine said...

Hi, Grandma! It's Chase! Is it deep in there? I am going to see it's all the way to the bird feeder again. And the Christmas tree one.

(Those were his exact words. Now he wants to type:)


S. Etole said...

These depict a beauty that is often missed ... I especially like the one with the cats.

Sandy K. said...

Thanks, Chase. I'm glad you like the birds and snow! Yes, it is deep!

Sometimes we just have to sit and be still - and the cats just love to have so much activity right at their nose-level, S!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Holy smokes, you still got packs of snow....jeezzz...and I long for spring soooo much.

Dear Sandy many thanks for your uplifting words about my upcomming weddingshoot. But I'm sooo worried about the light....what if I will have a day just like will be so difficult to find good light and make the couple outstanding beautiful....and I HATE to lets keep our fingers crossed that at least during the afternoon hours a little bit of bright light will shine through...
Happy day to you and yours.
Hugs Dagmar

Sandy K. said...

You will have a beautiful day for your wedding - whether you have to invent a little light, or actually have some natural brightness. Do you use reflectors? Can you dial-down the flash on your camera, so it operates as a "fill" flash?

Jeanie said...

I'm loving your little orange cat looking out the window! He looks like Gypsy -- I don't know if you visit The Marmelade Gypsy (my main blog) -- your comment was on my secondary blog, Chopsticks and String. But I can assure you, orange cats always get prime space! Aren't they snuggly?

Sandy K. said...

Well, Dickens is definitely in "need" of the human touch all the time. She sits on my lap like it's a throne, a queen holding court.

Relyn said...

There is nothing like bird watching right at home is there? My friend gave Sloane a clear backed window feeder one year for Christmas. Oh, my ! We have all had such fun with that.