Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sweet Tea

Today I attended a "tea" at a local quilt shop. I have been taking a quilt class with a friend and the shop hosted a spring tea...they must have ordered the weather to go with it. Beautiful sunshine, and a strong spring wind made a pleasant backdrop for a gathering indoors. Color and texture in the shop abound, and the smell of the tea and pastrie treats added to a very sensory experience.

When it's too windy to take photographs outside, move indoors and find a sweet photograph or two. Happy Spring!


Douglas Bruton said...


just returning the compliment and visiting your blog as you visited mine. Fantastic photo's. I absolutely love them. Will visit from time to time to make sure you are keeping to your challenge of posting once a day. I understand those challenges. I have set myself the personal challenge of writing 365 flash fiction pieces for 2009... on target still, which is pretty neat.

Best wishes


Sandy K. said...

Thank you, D. As an aspiring writer I enjoyed reading about your own challenge:). Stay on target, and visit any time. -S