Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Painting the Town....

Scenes from the Nick Adams stories, by Hemingway, depicted through "fish" art.
We have finally completed viewing, and most of the editing, of the thousands of photographs we took on our western adventure this past summer. I say "past," as the calendar indicates we are now into fall! It's is amazing how quickly the seasons pass, and the countdown until Christmas can be heard.

In reviewing our memories, it's interesting to see how the arts can be found in a variety of forms. We have noticed the last few years that painting "things" is becoming a big deal in many communities. In the upper peninsula of Michigan there are painted moose gracing the front lawns of many businesses, and in Holland, MI there are pigs. Yes, pigs. Michigan is celebrating Hemingway this year, and a Petosky artist has painted a fish, a recurring theme in his writing, with scenes from his Nick Adams stories (above). Art is alive and well throughout the country.

In Jackson Hole, WY it's bison. The community has even come up with a scavanger hunt, handing out sheets with clues as to the where-abouts of various bison, painted in specific themes...and the possible locations of baby bison. The babies are predominantly inside various local establishments, with the hope of generating more business, I'm sure.

Each painting is unique, depicting traditions and culturals of the American West. What a great way to share the local heritage and give people a way to display their pride for the area, and their history. Enjoy a few of our favorite images.

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