Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photography Workshops

Camera Clubs are a great place to learn, and have a chance to explore new ideas. The St. Johns Camera Club recently attended a workshop we would not normally have signed up for. Being primarily outdoor and natural light photographers, we seldom stretch ourselves to try new things - unless slightly nudged. This was one such experience.
We met at Perspective2 Studio, in Lansing, for a still-life and model shoot set up by the studio iteself. The business is actually "creative studio space for photographers and special events," renting space to those who either don't have, or don't want, their own studio. In our case, we wanted to stretch our skills with a little guidance, and the studio agreed to put on the workshop for us. What a great time, with the learning curve raised a bit high at times. There were wonderful staff photographers there to help us with set-up, lighting, and advice on settings and angles. The studio set up the lights to go off with a hot-shoe device, set to activate the lights when we snapped our shots. It sure took some of the guess work out of the set-ups...and allowed us to think about creative options.
With refreshments in hand we walked between set-ups, talked photography with like-minded people and had a very enjoyable two hours. A few of our members are new to digital photography and said there is a huge difference in understanding lighting between digital and traditional film photography. Other members of the group are seasoned digital shooters and were a bit more comfortable with the set-ups. And still other members of the group are still taking film or slide photographs, and will have to wait to see what their pictures look like until the developing process is complete.

I recommend taking some risks and trying different kinds of photographic experiences. It may not be something you see yourself getting into, just as we decided a while back we didn't like shooting weddings. But every time you get your camera out and play with the settings, trying different shots in a variety of lighting situations, you are gaining comfort and skill with your equipment. And there's certainly nothing wrong about that!
If you're interested in learning more about Perspective2 and their unique concept, browse their webstite at:


Christine said...

Sounds like a great experience! Cool pics, too!

Christine said...

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