Sunday, December 9, 2007

We're Back

Photo from The Gathering of the Mustangs, Columbus, OH

We're back, but not from anywhere exciting. The rather lengthy hiatus was due to busy work schedules, family commitments and technology issues. Yes, the everyday work world sometimes interferes with the greater good...which is just plain wrong! Making the world a better place takes time, and some planning.

The cold weather has settled in, here in Michigan, and days are mostly gray and white and scruffy. We used to get lots of "good" snow, snow to play in and enjoy. But winters are getting colder and harsher, and not as easy to enjoy. Global warming may be happening, but I don't see it in my backyard yet, or aren't we looking carefully enough?

At this time of year it's not as easy to pull out the photography gear and head out into the natural world. The rewards, however, are great. Fresh air, sometimes sunshine, and a very different type of nature photo. Each season has its strengths...we just have to work to find them.

In another week we head to family in the Chicago area, then southern California, and, finally, a couple of weeks in Arizona. Warm weather and sunshine batteries are charging...and spirits are on the rise. We plan on returning in mid-January and will be able to fill further orders at that time.

Enjoy the holidays, and take lots of photographs. Preserve those special moments - the time you have with friends and family.

Happy holidays from 4-Points Photography.

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