Sunday, October 9, 2016

Breath of Fresh Air

A beautiful weekend.  Perhaps not as colorful as we have had in the past, but time in nature is time well spent.  Time with those you love, doing what you love, is a breath of fresh air in a far too busy life.

Each October we try to take a photo adventure of some sort, searching out the color and beauty of our  wonderful state.  Usually it is our anniversary weekend, and this year we were just a couple of weeks early.  But we celebrate our time together whether it is on a specific date, or not.

One thing we have noticed since we got the pup is that our photography has had to evolve.  No longer can we each take our time to set up shots, look for that perfect angle and have both hands free.  If we have Kaycee with us, she either has to wait in the car for us, or be part of the photo shoot!  The other option we also exercise, is one of us takes photos while the other walks the dog.  Or be her talent agent - as she draws so much attention wherever we go.  It is very good for her, as we are working on socialization skills and behavior, but it is almost a full-time job at tourist attractions!

                             Here are some highlights from our adventure North of the Bridge.  
                                                         At Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Cut River Bridge walk

Foliage and Fungi

Running Free at the Airport in Munising

Fall Decorations in Town

A Swim in Pete's Lake - gentle water with no waves.

No Swim in Lake Superior - too much action and noise!

Quiet, Off-the-Beaten-Path Finds

Photographer or Subject?  Both!

Au Train Falls

Whitefish Point Coast Guard Light Station

Memorial on the Beach to Lives Lost on Lake Superior

Beautiful Sunset as Peace Settles on the Soul

What are some of YOUR favorite locations?

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