Monday, June 27, 2016

Intro to Michigan's Diversity

One of the places we like to show off when people come to visit is Mackinac Island.  We have 7 grandchildren who live out of state, so when they come it is only natural we want them to visit this magical place.  I am glad we only had 3 of them at a time, though.  The energy level is amazing!

The weather totally cooperated.  We stayed in St. Ignace on Thursday night, and headed to the Island as soon as we could get going.  Deep breath.  It's a process.  One of the reasons we stayed in St. Ignace was so we could drive them across the bridge, as well as show it to them from the water.  Our ferry trip even took us under the bridge, which was exciting for everyone.

No one was disappointed as we took the Island tour, checked out the new Grand Hotel stables, had lunch at the fort and checked out all the attractions there, then shopped for fudge before heading home.
Not our own ride, but we loved seeing the dappled grey's hooked to the Grand Hotel carriages. 

Rhianna enjoyed Aunt Christine's company a lot.

Food always tastes better if you have a gorgeous view! 
Chloe borrowed my hat so she could look like Grandpa.
Video clip of the musical demonstration.
Wow!  Chase certainly appreciated all the "choices"!  However, there were times he had to forgo certain treats due to his fairly new braces.  He is very good about it, though.  
Fudge making is so interesting...and the smells hook you!

It doesn't matter how many times I cross the bridge, sail/motor under it, or visit the Island.  I absolutely love everything about this area of our state.  And as you can see from the photos, the kids appreciated it as well!

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Jg. for FatScribe said...

This post made my day, viz., seeing grandchildren and travel and islands and fudge, and well, just everything about summer. You have the best kept secret for a photo journalism blog, and it seems like there are planes and boats and bridges and lovely weather photos ubiquitously placed in each post. Thx Sandy, for keeping this inspirational place alive, my friend!