Sunday, April 17, 2016

Finally - Springtime!

I do think we have turned the tide on winter.  Today was a beautiful spring day, just too nice to stay in doors, and too new to work in the yard!  Time for an outing!

And time to think about working on the boat and getting it ready to launch.  Tarp coming off, and the clean-up begins soon.  The marina was humming with people getting their own boats ready for the season, and there were a few in the water already.

After our quick check of the boat, off to the park to give Kaycee some exercise while we enjoyed the sun and a beautiful nature walk.   She has just started liking playing in the pond at home, and the rivers nearby. But Saginaw Bay was a bit intimidating.  The noise and waves caused a bit of skittishness, and lots of chuckles.  She'll warm up in time.  After all, she's a water dog!

There were even campers at the State Park campground already!   That got us thinking about getting our camper ready...maybe we'll stay at the State Park while we work on the boat!

A trip to Bay City and Saginaw wouldn't be complete without a stop at Barnes & Noble.  I seldom walk out of the store without a new book, and today was no exception.  I chose The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George.  It sounds intriguing.  Now I wonder when I will get to it!  Daryl typically gets a magazine or two - and today he came away with Wooden Boat.  Being on the water is second only to being in the air flying.

Ah, Spring.  Keep the warm breezes coming!  We should be seeing leaves budding soon!
  I can't wait!


Jeanie said...

It was a perfect day, wasn't it? We won't be north for awhile yet but boy, that water looks inviting. I suspect it's a bit colder than it looks, though!

Relyn Lawson said...

There is just no beauty like spring. Well... until autumn, anyway. ;O)

Relyn Lawson said...

I just started reading Little Paris Bookshop. I love it so far.