Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter, Happy Spring

It seems as if the arrival of Easter is a turning point from Winter to Spring.  Though these two events do not necessarily coincide, and the Easter Bunny definitely comes from a different place than the Crucification and Resurrection...both signal a renewal.  My attitude and mood definitely begin to improve, which is a VERY good thing!

So yesterday was a lovely day.  First church, with lots of music and scripture.  Then a delicious brunch out with good friends.   We are at the stage when all the kids are busy with their own families, and activities, and we are inventing who we are as a couple again!  And after that, on a beautiful 65 degree day, we headed to our area nature center for a good walk with Kaycee.  And she had a blast!

Ready to run and run and run!

Daryl did look over his shoulder now and then, as this was the place where she was injured in the fall when a dog came out of nowhere and plowed into her.  But we had a very uneventful afternoon, and the weather was perfect.

The world is still a bit black and white, until we get enough warm weather to help the buds and blossoms pop.  So I decided I would try black and white photography for a change.

Time for some dog training, too.  Kaycee may be photogenic, but she isn't particularly obedient yet!

One of the beautiful things about digital photography is the ability to change my settings in camera so I can switch from black and white to color whenever I want.  Perfect when you want to capture some of the color that does exist in early spring.

Who can resist a well cared for barn...a traditional red one?

Color or black and white, it was just fun to be out together and enjoy nature on a glorious spring day.  It is refreshing and rejuvenating - a welcome change from our plugged-in days, and schedules.   We highly recommend it!

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Jeanie said...

What wonderful flowers and colors -- and b/w! I think you should have the last pic in this post enlarged and framed. It's really stunning and tells such a story of dog-and-dad love.