Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Need for Diversions

Winter in Michigan has actually not been too bad so far, which is a blessing.   When we turned the calendar from January to February, though, things got a bit exciting.

Daryl ended up having some out-patient surgery that turned out well, but has laid him up for a few weeks.  Well, he is SUPPOSED to be laid up but as he feels better he seems to think he can return to normal activity.  Then he gets out of sorts when he finds he is not up to par, and what is a person supposed to do when the weather is still slushy, icy, cold, etc?

You plan a diversion.  We hosted the Winter Birthday Bash, an annual event, but this year a bit earlier than usual.  There are 6 in the family with birthdays in January - March and we try to get everyone together to celebrate.  Of course, with everyone's busy lives, it is nearly impossible to get everyone here.  But we managed a nice gathering last night and it cheered everyone up.

4 of the 6 Winter Birthday celebrants - Daryl, Kiersten, Kory, and Mandy
There was food, of course, and this year we ordered pizza from a local restaurant.  It was SO good, and easy!  I made one of my elaborate cupcake creations and that went over well, too.

There were stories (I am not allowed to reveal this story publicly, but trust me - it is always a hit!).

And a little Christmas.

Actually another cute story, this is the traditional gift from "the kids" for Daryl every year.
And children and the dog.

One of the grandchildren, Emma, LOVES to take photos with my 35mm camera, so with the strap safely around her neck she shot to her hearts content.  I think we have a budding photographer here. (Grandpa might have taken one of these shots...but we aren't going to quibble over it.)

And best of all it was time spent together, telling stories, sharing lives, laughing and connecting.  Of course, some people just couldn't stay awake through our exciting story-telling.

We really need to do this more often.   Time goes so quickly and it is extremely important to stay connected as a family.

That reminds me of another story - for another time!

Happy Winter!

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Jeanie said...

Now THAT looks like a fun diversion! You're right -- winter has been gentle, which is fine with me. But it's still long! I hope you celebrate joyfully in February too!