Friday, August 21, 2015

Reality in Small Doses

We have been home one week, and sometimes this trip seems like a distant memory already.   Schedules, events and the rest of our daily routine are infiltrating the interlude we had this summer.

Did we really drive 13,000+ miles?!  The yellow highlighted area is the route we took West, and the green indicates our route home.
From Alma, across I-80 and north via Vancouver.
North from Vancouver to Dawson Creek, where the Alaska Highway begins.  Then NW across BC and Yukon Territory, and into Alaska.
South to Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula.

We are looking at photographs and remembering the early part of our trip, when we visited relatives and friends along the way.
Vancouver, BC, and my nephew at his favorite coffee shop.

The adventure grew from there, as we traveled North.
There were times we questioned what we were getting when we encountered some insane road work.  Lots of roadwork.  This is actually a "good" stretch compared to a few other spots.
There was "encouraging" signage along our route, as well!
We can't possibly show you all the photographs, or write all of our thoughts and impressions, but we can definitely share vignettes of our time in both the city, and the wilderness.

 For instance, this "sign forest" where people from all over the world posted signage from home, was fascinating!

Flowers were out in full force, both wildflowers and those planted intentionally to adorn lampposts,
and museums and other sites.

And then there was the culture and art of each area we visited, and the way of life:

And what about the wild animals!

The weather wasn't always fair...

but the scenery was always spectacular. 

New friends and experiences enriched Daryl's flying, and we met many other people on this trip who shared stories, and pieces of their lives.  

I definitely enjoyed trying to keep up my travelogues, and share this amazing and inspirational journey.  Thank you for the notes and messages which encouraged me to be patient with the Internet, and look for moments to stay connected.

More importantly, we feel blessed to have had time together on this journey, 
and continue our path as life-long learners.  Where are you on your own path?


Jeanie said...

Wow -- you got some incredible photos -- and I love the sign wall! I really need to have Rick mark his map from Canada. One is always a little stunned to see the distance in one fell swoop! That's a lot of miles! But all good, I think!

joyce said...

Looks like you had a beautiful trip through my province, and in total. What a lifetime dream a trip like that is worth. Btw, that road work looks awfully familiar!