Monday, August 17, 2015

It's a Wrap!

Mackinac Bridge...last leg of our journey.
Home.  Mail sorted.  Laundry about done.  Photos....those will take a little longer to count and organize. 

Here are some statistics:
He was just looking for a way to cross the road.

Animal sitings

Moose - 8
Elk - 2
Deer - 7
Free range cows - no count, too busy dodging!
Black Bear - 11
Brown/Grizzly - 1
Bison - 93ish, in herds and individually, strolling down the road side
Bald Eagles - approximately a dozen
Antelope - 5
Wild Horses - in the neighborhood of 100
Stone Sheep - 3
Mountain Goat - 1
Swans - 30-ish
Sand-hill Crane - 1
Trout/Salmon - no specific count

Airplane Statistics

Airplanes Flown - Piper-18 Supercubs -2; Cessna 172 with 180 HP engine conversion - 1
Alaska is the most flying-est state, with the most airplanes, in the nation.   It is one of the major sources of transportation.

The border of Yukon Territory and Alaska.
A section of the original Alaska Highway.

Geography and Distances

States - 14
Provinces - 3
National Wildlife Refuges - 3
National Forests -4
National Parks - 4
Total Trip Miles - 13, 544
Miles pulling the camper - 11,468 (We picked it up in Idaho, when we started the trip.)
Alaska Highway Itself -1,390 miles, so our total= 2,780 miles (coming and going)

 And now back to reality.  So many memories, and so many lessons learned.  We have grown both individually and as a couple, knowing we have enriched our lives.  Hopefully we will bring these experiences forward, and better reach our students, and families.  I know we have enjoyed peace and solitude, and the wonders of the natural world.  Important for the soul.

More stories to come as I sort and categorize, and make prints and books and slideshows.....I love a captive audience!

Oh!  You would like to know how many photographs we took?  There is not an exact count right now - but we know it's in the thousands.  We shoot digital - the delete button will definitely be used!



Wynne Potter said...

Glad you're home safely! Eager for my re blogs and photos. What an adventure!

Kelly Jo said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to see more.

Jeanie said...

Holy cow! Or maybe I should say "Moose!" That's an impressive list of stats for this trip! I've enjoyed your photos along the road and elsewhere (even when I didn't comment which I confess was the case more often than not, sometimes due to computer issues.) I can imagine home turf seems both familiar and strange to you right now, but welcome home!

I'll look forward to more photos soon!

Sandy K. said...

Wynne, I see you have a blog? I would love to check it out but can't seem to access it? Yes, there is more to come!