Thursday, August 27, 2015

Close to Home

Getting back in the swing of things.  I began my teaching commitments this week, though my house is not clean, a mountain of postcards, brochures and maps have yet to find a home, and I am not even close to figuring out how I will organize, yet alone display, selections of photographs from our trip.  And that is life, isn't it?

The trip seems a bit of a blur, as we work our way toward fall, but it is nice to have beautiful interludes close to home to give us moments of quiet and reflection.  Though we saw many wild animals, and beautiful flora everywhere we went, I love having the same opportunities close to home.

It is always good to have that reminder that though travel and seeing new places presents opportunity for growth and adventure, there are also times when looking out your own window, or walking your own neighborhood, are just as rewarding.

However, I am NOT sure I am quite ready to give up my summer to the unquestionable beauty and energy of Autumn.  I do not have anything to say about this matter, as my afternoon walk revealed!

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Jeanie said...

Re-entry can be really tough but at least you are returning home during the pretty season, where there is lots of color in the flowers (and more to come in fall,although I'm with you about not being ready!)