Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The "Flying-est" State

People who are part of the aviation community know that Oshkosh,Wisconsin is THE place to go each summer for their airshows and aviation gatherings.  We have gone many times and it is truly amazing.
Terminal building for gravel airstrip.
However, as far as aviation as a way of life, Alaska is the place to be.  There are so few roads in the state, that flying in to most communities is the only way to get there.   Of course, there are still many people who fly recreationally, but it is sometimes difficult to tell the difference.

Planes parked at Merrill Field
Since arriving in Alaska we have noticed planes sitting in people's front yards, back yards, alongside a road here and there, at small, private airstrips, and at larger airports.  We grab shots as we go, and make purposeful stops when we can.  In Anchorage there are at least 2 such places which are on a pilot's must-see list - one is Merrill Field and the other is Lake Hood/Spenard Float Plane base, which happens to adjoin Anchorage International Airport.


So what is a wanna-be Bush Pilot to do?  Continue to look, and dream.

Next time, more about aviation history and the museum's which commemorate the people and events which keep the dream alive.

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