Monday, July 6, 2015

Seeing is Believing

Oh my goodness, how I do love to photograph wildlife.  And it is just wonderful to be armed with prior knowledge about where you might see some amazing animals on your journey!  Thank you, Canada!  We loved the signage in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory which gave us a heads-up as to what we might have a chance of seeing.

And sometimes we were rewarded for being ready for anything.  Though there was not always a sign, there were sometimes surprises around many curves, waiting to get our blood pumping!

Since we arrived in Alaska yesterday, we are seeing some amazing landscapes, and enough airplanes to keep my pilot husband VERY happy!  No wild animals have appeared before us, but we know there are moose and bear in our area.  We shall see how the next few weeks unfold. 

Anchorage is our location at the moment, and in the next couple of days we will head south, enjoying the Kenai Peninsula. 

The quote of the day:

"When we sell the house, can we spend the whole summer up here?" 

The response:

"When we sell the house, can we spend a month renting a cottage in Cornwall, England?"

It would seem we both have dreams - which is a very good thing.

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Jeanie said...

Both dreams sound pretty good -- are you watching "Poldark?"!

Lovely -- so glad you are having a wonderful time!