Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Breathtaking Beauty of the West

The Tetons - a glorious mountainous area in Wyoming.  Under almost perfect conditions for photography, we spent a day exploring the area around Jackson, or Jackson Hole, depending on who you talk to.  Our first stop was some early morning shooting on Mormon Row, a group of buildings built under the Homestead Act of 1862.  This settlement agreement promised 160 acres to anyone willing to build a house and cultivate the land for five years. There are seven buildings remaining on what is known as Mormon Row...with the stunning backdrop of the Tetons.
Jenny Lake is a lovely lake set within Teton National Park.  Pristine and preserved, we love the wonderful blue sky and cumulus clouds which help accentuate the scene.

Another lake in the park is Jackson Lake.  There is a nice resort here, with camping, cabins and standard lodge rooms to choose from.   Boats to rent, hiking trails, miles of wilderness to explore, what more could you want?!

Of course, when you think of Wyoming, you think of cowboys and horses - at least we do.   We were not disappointed.
Yesterday was raining and foggy when we left the hotel, but as soon as we drove up out of town we were presented with yet one more stunning landscape to try and capture.  As many photographs as we take, we do take time to just sit, or stand, or walk and soak in the peace and tranquility we experience when spending time in nature.  Yes, there are tourists everywhere, but there are also areas where you feel you are the only two people on earth.  We also get up pretty early to capture morning shots, as the light is so flattering to the landscape in the early morning, and late afternoon.
One of the best spots to go when you want a clear and uncluttered view of the stunning vistas of this area, is the overlooking hillside.  In the photo above, you can barely see the road/two track we drove to get high above the Elk refuge. Now and then some other adventurous soul would show up, but for the most part we were alone, knowing we were blessed.  Then the para-sailors arrived.

One valuable lesson to remember is this:  not all beauty and glory is "big."  You also need to spend time looking at birds (the mountain bluebird is as blue as anything I have ever seen), insects (rather large, like the landscape), and the gorgeous wild mountain flowers.  Fields of Lupine and other flowers I have not identified yet, lend splashes of color to the landscape, and smell heavenly.

Yes, we are having a wonderful time...and highly advise everyone to take that adventure when it presents itself to you!


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Jeanie said...

You're making good time out there -- and enjoying the ride, I can see, with these wonderful photos. This is a part of the country I've not experienced so it's fun to see it through your eyes!