Sunday, June 7, 2015

Road Trip Challenges

Travel across country is sometimes a bit monotonous.  I-80 is one long, straight highway, with a lot of truck traffic, construction, and flat farmland for miles and miles and miles. Sunshine or showers, the road stretches before you.

Sometimes there isn't much to look at, so time needs to be passed in a variety of ways - 
Working on a knitting project...
...meeting a cowboy at McDonalds...
...learning about energy sources at a rest stop...
...wondering how close to true certain messages are....
Pastureland and farm fields become more vast the farther west you go, and Iowa turned into Nebraska with little fanfare.  It wasn't until we reached the western part of Nebraska that the landscape began to change.

So Iowa became Nebraska, which became Wyoming, which became Colorado.  

 Colorado provided a rather dramatic welcome.

We arrived in Fort Collins safe and sound...and feel we are truly beginning our adventure.  After an evening spent with Daryl's nephew Chris and his family, we look forward to a couple of days of photography in the Tetons.  

Tomorrow ... heading north!

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