Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Tale of 2 Cities

My blog posts will not necessarily be in order, but will recount parts of our journey which have made an impact on us - through geographic area, people we encounter and/or emotional connection.  With spotty internet service, we will post when we can.

Visiting my nephew in Vancouver was so much fun.  He took us around the city, and then out to Vancouver Island by ferry.  It was a whirl-wind adventure...and a wonderful experience.

First, the city:

Enter the city through a series of bridges and insane city meet my nephew who picked us up in a rather unique car.  Reserve it.  Pick it up from some location near you.  Use it.  Drop it off where ever your destination is.  Done.

Grab a water taxi to dinner.

Science Center
The arts are important in Vancouver...even cement factories get a facelift when you have so many art students in the city.

We have never been to Vancouver Island, off the coast of Vancouver/B.C.  My nephew thought it would be a good day trip for us to do, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and we heartily agreed.  After a lovely 90-minute ferry ride past numerous islands, spotting Orcas whales and maybe a harbor seal or two, we drove off to explore a very beautiful city - Victoria.

Victoria has a lot of character.  The British presence is pronounced, influencing architecture, signage and lifestyle.  We were there during the Jazz festival, so strolled the streets, listening to music and watching so many different boats in the harbor.  And float planes.  We cannot ignore the fact that people use float planes to tour in, and to get from place to place.  Tied up at the docks alongside the yachts and pleasure boats, it is rather a sight to see.  There were also numerous water taxis which ferried people to various waterfront destinations.  One of the designs actually looked like a New York taxi cab.

Flowers were in abundance, hanging from pots on the lamp posts, setting in pots on doorsteps, and welcoming visitors to the port.  We had a delicious lunch of fish and chips, with an appetizer featuring mussels and clams, at a tavern overlooking the harbor.  A slice of paradise!
Victoria is a big city, but it has a smaller town appeal.  Definitely a favorite, in comparison with Seattle and Vancouver.  Lovely day and lovely company.

Lunch!  Fish and Chips with a side of mussels and clams.  Pretty good!

The laundry is done and it's time to move on.  I am glad for an open laundromat on a Sunday....and good internet while we wait!

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