Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blessed Easter - Welcome Spring!

What a beautiful day, full of inspiration and family time.  After an uplifting morning at church, we prepared for our traditional egg hunt, and family time.  We were able to open windows, run around the yard, and had a lovely time with children and grandchildren.  As always, we wish ALL could be with us, and missed those who are far away.  They really need to be here, because we invariably end up telling stories of childhood escapades and they should be here to defend themselves! :)

Kiersten let's everyone know the rules for the hunt. 
A good time was had by all.
Each year it seems like there is a special item to include in the goodies.  As the hosts, we simply let it all happen, and then we enjoy being surprised with the grand-kids by what treats they find to fill their bags.  Besides eggs and candy, some years there is a kite, or funny sunglasses, or puzzle.  This year it was kites, yo-yos and silly string.  The weather being cooperative....EVERYONE had fun with silly string!

Courtney and Brendon, who set their wedding date for 2016!

Addy gets ready to take off after her dad, while Mandy looks on.

Kory on the defensive as Addy strikes!

 Following the outdoor excitement, we headed into the house for drinks and snacks, including a special treat this year.  Thank you to daughter Christine for introducing me to this idea - "surprise" cupcakes, which went over very well.

When all was said and done, a group picture was in order.  Daryl grabbed a few is VERY difficult to get a large group to be consistently looking at the camera AND not making funny faces.  This one wins.  From our house to yours...welcome spring and all it's promise.

Kiersten, Courtney & fiance Brendon, Kory & Mandy, Sandy, Kailey (Kiersten's daughter) and in the front, Cameron (Mandy's son), Addy and Emma (Kory's girls.)

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Jeanie said...

It looks like such fun! Happy Easter -- a day late, still with good wishes!