Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Wedding - almost

Yesterday we attended the wedding reception of a very old (oops...good) friend.  I am part of a select group of friends - together since junior high and high school.  We grew up together through all those angst-ridden years as we searched for our adult selves, found them (kind-of) and continue to look forward to what the years have in store for us.  Ever since the movie came out years ago, we have called ourselves the "Ya-Ya's," and work to get together as a whole group every few years or so. (I must admit we also are known as the Seaholm Sirens...but that's another blog post!)

So yesterday Janet took the plunge and married a VERY nice man in a small ceremony in northern Michigan.  Since I'm the only Ya-Ya left in Michigan, Daryl and I drove up to the reception, at her parents cabin.  (I need to mention that we have all indoctrinated our spouses/significant others into the "rules" of being attached to a Ya-Ya.  Attending functions is on an invitational basis AND being patient and tolerant are very important personality traits.) 

The cabin was a perfect setting for a festive, 4th of July themed gathering of friends and family.  (It has also been the Ya-Ya's retreat on a couple of occasions.)  The rest of our "group" couldn't make it - so I did what I tend to do best.  Floated around and took photos.  Dubbed the "official photographer" early-on by a group of people who were thrilled not to have to pull their cameras out, I was more than happy to help out.

Though I spent 12 days in Ireland in May, THIS is where I tasted Guinness for the first time!

What fun.  Janet looked so happy, as did her new husband, and we once again celebrate a milestone for someone in the group.  We do support each other (and pledge to forgive and forget those speed bumps we throw out there on occasion).

Paul and his own close friend, Larry.
We also continue to look for who we are and what our lives hold - continually surprised by love and life, fresh experiences and new adventures.

The last time we were together, Fall 2013, at the cabin.
So on this Independence Day, I celebrate two people who retain their independence as they start their new adventure together.

Sorry, Paul.  But no one will actually see this photo:)
Congratulations, Janet and Paul!


S. Etole said...

Looks like a fun event.

Relyn Lawson said...

Sorry, Paul. I acutaly saw it.