Sunday, June 29, 2014

So Many Ideas

Take time to stop and smell the flowers.
There are so many things on my "to do" list and it's difficult for me to prioritize.  With each passing year I actually think the list gets longer!

Stop and rejoice in the sunset.
Currently I am quilting, reading multiple books for work and pleasure, and writing. Well, trying to squeeze in writing.  But how can you write a book if you aren't sitting in front of the computer, or pad of paper, and taking those words from brain to hard surface?  Admittedly, my brain could be considered a hard surface sometimes.

Some of you know my travel companion Roamin', who met a friend in Ireland in May.

I also have the photos from my trip to Ireland to organize, and create a book which the University can use for publicity next year, and the students would be able to own a copy.  On top of that, I have my own vision for what I want to do with my photos from the trip.  I haven't even been able to post blog posts about the trip because I just am not ready for the storytelling.

I love this quote - I wonder what kind of photo would make a nice backdrop?
Storytelling.  That's what photographs do, don't they?  They tell a story of a person, place, thing, idea, point in time...a feeling, an emotion, a life.  I love photography, and always have.  I need to find the photo of me receiving my first camera - on my 11th birthday.  It actually made it into a scrapbook!

And so I will continue to fight my undiagnosed multiple personality disorder (the mind-game a Gemini fights almost daily), and find solace that I can share my thoughts, ideas, confusion and photographs with all of you.

Thank you!


S. Etole said...

I enlarged the photos and the sunset is striking.

Jeanie said...

You are most definitely on a roll, Sandy! All good projects and fun ones! Happy summer -- don't you love it?

joyce said...

Your brain sounds a bit like mine....I too am a Gemini, but my personality disorder is diagnosed. Not really sure if you were being serious or making a joke there. I took your words on my post to heart and started writing.....the introduction to my book of stories..problem is, I have many such beginnings lying around and not many ends!

Relyn Lawson said...

Travel is number one on my to do list. How does it so often get shunted aside?