Sunday, June 8, 2014

Air, Land, and Sea

The annual Otsego Lake Splash-in took place this weekend...a great family event and perfect place for the first picnic of the summer.

Pilots and aviation enthusiasts gather each summer to display their aircraft, and take part in planned events, such as a balloon drop and fastest take-off competitions.  It's pretty amazing to see the variety of aircraft which can land on land and/or sea with just a few modifications. 

In a fly-by for the crowd, a Maule, J-3 Piper Cub, and an Aviat Huskey.
A picnic lunch and afternoon with friends made for a perfect summer Saturday.  When I married a pilot I know I would be spending a lot of time around planes...and I have really grown to enjoy these events. 
Over the past 30 years I have learned a lot about aircraft, as well.  I can identify some of the types of planes by sight and even by sound.  It is easy for me to identify the deep rumble of the engine belonging to T-6's.  I can also identify by site a Piper Cub every time, and a Grumman Widgeon, among others.  Though I will never be as sharp as Daryl, who can identify most any airplane flying overhead by site and sound, I am always excited when I identify one correctly. 
Walking out to board the Grumman Widgeon.
"Taxiing" for a take-off.
And off she goes.

A great way to spend my first weekend off for summer break.  
 It can be a little noisy, but you get used to it. :)


Jeanie said...

Were you at the County Park, Sandy? I think you were. If you stood on the shore of the county park and looked across the lake, you were looking at our house! My greatest accomplishment was once swimming across the lake from the house to the park. I'd like to try it again if I can find a spotter to accompany me in a boat or something! With the wedding and all, we didn't go north that weekend -- but it would have been fun to see you there!

Sandy K. said...

Yes, Jeanie. We were at the County Park! I now remember you saying something about being close by. We really should meet up there sometime. We are friends with the Taylor's who have a Grumman Widgeon and have a place at one end of the lake. Mark and Sandy Taylor. What a small world the blogging community is sometimes, isn't it?!

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Outstanding. I've never heard or seen anything like this, Sandy. Really, very fun read. What a great start to the summer, indeed! Some great shots here.

Kamana said...

looks like such a fun time.