Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Early Morning Field Trip - 2

Looking for the right
 angle and composition.
Finally a break in my very busy life, which gives me time to get caught up on my writing and sorting of photographs.  This narrative is Part 2 of a Field Trip adventure I was on a couple of weeks ago with another photo enthusiast.

I love how the light plays on this flower,
and that though the background is
 blurred out, there are still
 pops of color for interest.
When Viki and I were finished shooting ducks, wildflowers and water, we moved across to a beautiful garden to see what we could find.  The woman who owns the garden was afraid we wouldn't find anything worthwhile to photograph, but gardens are more than the riot of vibrant blooms and color found at its peak.

Doesn't this photo capture a
sense of movement?  Love the
Look for the details, patterns, colors and "visitors."  The end of the summer brings a delicious fade, a softening as we change to earth tones and quiet light.   When I look for my shots I am trying to expand my skills by looking at different compositions and angles, as well as trying to "see" in Black and White.  I don't like to do a lot of manipulation in the computer, and Viki feels the same way, so we work to get the shot "right" as we take it in the field.


Enjoy this series of photographs from our morning reverie, and go out and look for your own adventure.  You don't have to go far; great photographs can be found in your own neighborhood.
Black and White?

Or Color?

Bold Color and attention to detail.

The diagonal line brings you
through the picture.

What have you been
 photographing lately?


S. Etole said...

You found some great shots. Photographing mostly flowers here as I've not been out and about much this summer.

Jeanie said...

Sandy, these are lovely! I'm really looking forward to playing more with the different colors and such as I have more time!

Sandy K. said...

I actually thought I posted these comments a while ago! I'm sorry for such a delay. As the flowers fade I must remember not to do so myself! Poor gardens...looking a little "ill" over here!

Relyn Lawson said...

That second image absolutely thrills me.