Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The London Experience

View of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey from the London Eye.
I do wish Kate had given birth while we were in England.  I have been enamored with British heritage since I was a very young girl and how perfect to be there for such a momentous event.  But it was just not to be:).

Next to Buckingham Palace -
green space for all.
We loved London much more than we thought we would.  There were crowds of people, and lots of noise and congestion, but there was also an energy and vitality and pride which shone through.  This is a country proud of its heritage and the British people are generally more than willing to share their pride and knowledge with anyone. 

Tower Bridge
While waiting for this little prince to be born it's been fun to watch the news and see glimpses of the locations we visited on our adventure last month.  Here are just a few of the highlights.  Though I go back to work in just a week, I still plan on sharing more of our adventures in this beautiful country.

- Enjoy! -

Lamppost at Westminster Abbey. 
I became enamored with the Lampposts of London...

Lovely street in South Kensington.

The Tower of London in front of the Shard,
the tallest building in London. 
The contrast between "old world" and "new" is striking.

There is magic in the air -
especially in the Defense of the Dark Arts classroom
 on the Harry Potter set at Warner Brothers Studio, outside London.


Jeanie said...

I must have a dozen posts of yours to catch up on -- visiting one of my favorite countries! I can't wait to see more!

Coming this fall -- my retirement! Maybe I'll be able to scoot up to Alma to see these "real size" on your computer -- or we can get together for longer down here! I'll look forward to it!

joyce said...

thanks for leaving your comment. How lucky that you were able to visit London...I would love to go there and be immersed in history! I would go all by myself and see what I want to see and take as much time as I want...selfish of me, I know.

Meri said...

What fun! I've enjoyed London lots when I've visited. And the British Isles generally (and Republic of Ireland, of course) are delightful places to visit. The people are so open and curious about Americans. . . and they love our accents.