Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring is Springing!

Vibrant Setting on the Canon G15
I can NOT believe I haven't posted since February!  This has been a very uninspiring winter, with long, cold days and a very busy work schedule.  But one exciting thing to look forward to is our wonderful adventure this summer!   We are taking my Bucket List trip to England - a trip I have wanted to take since I was a little girl.  You know, back in the day when I knew I would be strolling along the banks of a scenic river in rural England and happen upon Prince Charles, who was quite appealing in those days:).  He would be fly fishing of course, and we would strike up a conversation, have a picnic lunch which I would have brought with me, of course.  And that, as they say, would be that.
Fish Eye View,  Shot in My Office
Now, however, I may still want to stroll through the picturesque countryside, but this time I want to capture images, not a prince.  My real-life prince will also be on this adventure, and we each have a short list of destinations:  scenic countryside, historic, cathedrals, cliffs, manor houses, a castle or two, WWII airfields, and some of the sites in London.  Oh yes...and the Harry Potter tour.  I was looking forward to the Downton Abbey tour as well, but they're filming around the time we'll be there so we won't be able to get close.  ***Sigh.
Nostalgic setting
With the trip to look forward to, we are evaluating our "needs," in the way of equipment and supplies.  I have wanted a newer point-and-shoot, with more capabilities, so after much research purchased a Canon G15.  I LOVE it!  The photos you see were all taken with this gem, and allow me to take my standard "grab" shots, but I can also play without going to a lot of time and set up.  It has a great zoom, so I can get close when I need to, and the wide-angle isn't bad, either.
Toy Camera Effect (makes your object look smaller)
Monochrome (actual size of figure)
We will still take our artistic photos, of course, and pull out the stops with our DSLR's, but there are times when we wouldn't be able to record some of our events and experiences if we didn't have that quick- grab camera. 

Selective Color
Now my creative juices are flowing, my writing desire is back, and the photo  possibilities are all around me.  It also helps that the sun is finally out, the water is drying up, and the temperatures are rising.  Woo hoo!
Happy Spring!
Zoom (Great Detail)

Wide Angle

Spring?  Really?


Jeanie said...

LOVE the settings on your camera. Especially NOSTALGIC. And your zoom is terrific -- was the doe with that zoom, too? It does get your creative juices going big time.

Funny. I had that same Prince Charles thing going on back in the day!

Sandy K. said...

Thank you, Jeanie. Yes, all photos were taken with my little G15. I am starting to wonder about lugging all my "big guns" around and think I'm finding great satisfaction with the simpler life. That doe hung out a lot, and was actually right outside our dining room window, watching me take her beautiful photo. Oh how I enjoy our natural world! (Even if there's a feeder in it now and then:)).