Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finally - a Photo Field Trip!

Field Trip!
And it has finally come to pass - the opportunity to get out and take pictures.  We finally have the kind of winter weather which just screams "Look at me!" 

Those of you who know me know that I have Reynaud's Syndrome, which basically means I get cold very easily, and very thoroughly.  Not just a little cold, but the kind of cold which turns my fingers and toes white, and also can hurt.

Manageable most of the time, I do tend to avoid being outdoors very much.  But I have been thinking lately that there has to be a way for me to participate more - to get outdoors (carefully) and spend time doing what I enjoy doing.  So...

New coat, rated for below 0 weather - check.
New boots, rated for below 0 weather - check.
Thick socks - check.
Hat, whether or not attractive - check.
Mittens, thick,wool - check.
Hand warmers - check.
Camera - check.
Cable release - check.
Tripod - check.

And voila:


I will do this again sometime soon - it felt SO good to spend time outside, sneaking up on birds, crawling around in the snow (Okay, not crawling, exactly.  More like stooping and groaning).

Happy Shooting!


julie king said...

my sister-in-law has renaults and i know it is not fun. your photos are lovely. i haven't been out with my camera at all this winter. maybe we will have one more pretty snowfall. you've inspired me. thanks!

georgia b. said...

so pretty! love love love the birds... especially that cardinal shot! we have so many birds in our yard at our new house... i can't wait to get out there and try to take pictures of them... especially the cardinals.

joyce said...

WOw, that cardinal shot is great! We don't have them around here but they look gorgeous against the snow (and that, we do have!!) My son bought some boots for himself and also for his dad that are rated for -100 C (that's -148 F according to the converter) He hasn't quite experience that cold, but they kept his toes warm at 40 below. You can also buy battery-operated socks and electric boots.

Jeanie said...

Oh, what a fine venture -- and look what you've discovered! The photos are simply beautiful.

Several of my good friends have Renaud's and I know it's extra hard for them to get out when it's cold. I so admire that you did!

Sandy K. said...

Thank you for your comments - I am trying not to be "afraid" to do things...shortens my options!