Friday, December 21, 2012

Finding Time for Photography

My new job is getting in the way of my creative endeavors, but I am starting to develop a new philosophy - scheduling time for those things which are important to my quality of life.

One of my writing partners and I finished a major project, 3-4 years in the making, and there's a little bit of a "let down."  I hadn't anticipated that, actually.  Relief, yes.  And joy in seeing the completed work, with my own photograph on the cover.   A sense of accomplishment, definitely, as well as a list of what to do differently "next time."

Another writing partner and I have a work in progress, and this should be in the next step toward publication during the winter/spring period of 2013.  Again, I'm looking forward to seeing this book through to completion, and getting it in the hands of children and parents.  Will it have our own photography in it?  That's a discussion point right now.

Photography - a dual passion with my writing - is going by the wayside and I miss it.  Every chance I have to get my camera out and dust it off and look through that viewfinder to compose an image I get excited - and I can feel that "ah ha" moment you hear people talk about.  It's a feeling that all is right with the world - at that moment, in that place, my creative urges are satisfied.  I am happy.  I am peaceful and calm.  And I know my doctor would really like my blood pressure, should he take it while I'm outdoors taking photographs:).

The pictures I've posted in this post were from an afternoon I said "That's it - I'm outta here."  I grabbed my camera and headed out.  With no particular destination in mind I explored around the town in which I live - and had a wonderful afternoon.  Atmosphere was set by the fog, and the store window displays caught my eye.  I'm not much for shopping, but there are some really great finds in second-hand stores, don't you think?

When was the last time you took that time-out everyone needs?
  What is your defining moment? 
Please share your thoughts!

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Jeanie said...

Sometimes I think the most fun photos are the ones when you just say, "I'm outta here!" Looks like you found some really good things. I wouldn't mind shopping there!