Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leaf Peepers Unite

For some reason this is not a term I was familiar with - leaf peeper.   Have you heard of it? It's absolutely perfect.

Off to the Upper Peninsula we went.  I do think that the new job has taken it's toll a bit, so it was important to spend some quality time away from home, and the pressures of work.  I do love the job, don't get me wrong.  But it has changed our lifestyle a lot, and not always for the better. 

So...bags packed, (with a little help),

camera equipment loaded, cats overfed for the weekend, we took off Friday afternoon for St. Ignace.  The drive up north was increasingly gorgeous (one of my favorite words), but twilight comes early.

By the time we got up there and settled, it was time to get some much needed shut-eye, ready for the visual banquet we would experience the next couple of days.  When morning dawned, the view from our window showed a glorious sunrise over Mackinac Island.  Perfect start to the day.

Let the leaf-peeping begin!  We decided to drive to Munising, which we fell in love with a number of years ago when we took a photo workshop there with John and Barb Gerlach. 

We had to revisit the old haunts...and reminisce about how wonderful that workshop had been.  It was during this time we learned about all the beautiful waterfalls and inland lakes which you might not notice otherwise.  And Pictured Rocks, of course.

Of course, it IS fall in Michigan - so there was the sun, the sleet and the snow...but we were mostly able to overlook these minor inconveniences on our quest for fabulous fall adventures.

And back to our original spot, for nighttime shots of the Mighty Mac, before one more sound night's sleep. 

On the way home we visited a destination we found accidentally while ambling north on Friday.  A lovely drive west of Gaylord and through Lakes of the North.  Okay, a bit more rain and snow, but the color seems to glow in the light of these fall showers.

And now home, where the cats are trying to ignore us because we deserted them, and I am thinking about my appointments in the morning.  Back to 9 to 5, but with memories of "no time" tucked away for safe-keeping.


Kamana said...

the cats look like they want to be taken on the journey :) cant blame them.

S. Etole said...

Remarkable autumn colors and images.

joyce said...

I imagine the cats quite enjoyed a weekend to themselves! The black one looks just like one of ours that disappeared a few years ago.
I have never heard the term 'leaf peepers' either, but you're right, its a good one. I love the pic of the railroad really speaks to me.

Sandy K. said...

Thank you for the comments - the cats do not like being left alone, and we keep a radio on for them:). If gone for more than the weekend we have family who come in to keep them periodically. The autumn colors were extraordinary and we're so glad we went - wind and rain are bringing leaves down quickly. you come!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hello there you beautiful lady. Thank you so very much for the great words in you comment on my latest post. Lovely lifts up my heart every single time, so hugs for that back at ya Sandy.

Wowwww....your new header is just amazing. Wished I could have been there and play around with you guys. Great you've found some 'you' moments while peeping. hahah.

And thanks for sending me to the happy blog of Jeanie...but guess what, I've found her through your blog a time ago. How funny is that. So yea I'm following her story about my ietsiepietsie tiny country.

Well happy colorful weekend to you.
Hugs Dagmar

Relyn Lawson said...

I remember the first time I head that term. It made me giddy. Such a perfect way of putting it. Right?