Monday, September 17, 2012

Coming up for Air

Its’ been a long, dry spell.  My creative juices have all been spent on a job transition, one which went from part time to full time…and very long days.  So the end of the day comes and there just isn’t much I want to do other than sew or sit quietly with my husband, and decompress from a long day.

Yet there is always something lacking when I do that.  The need to create is very strong in me.  And even as I sit watching TV, or in the car on a drive with my husband, I think about taking pictures, about writing, about travel…and I sure wish I had a camera with me all the time.  Of course, you’re supposed to have one with you all the time.  Everyone tells you that.  And I have loads of good intentions along that line.  But…there I am.  Quite often without a camera.

On my drive to work each morning I do a lot of “looking.”  As I cross over the river I look at the reeds where a family of swans has been hiding all summer.  When I drive by one particular field I look for the deer which hide there, and I sure don’t want to be surprised by one who decides to sprint across the road.

The sunrises are spectacular as we head into fall.  Especially as the fog in low-lying areas burns off. 

What I really love is the quiet.  The time to get ready for my day and be thankful we have one more day to get it right – to make a difference – to experience the joy each day can bring.

I’m back…and as I settle into my new space and find ways to carve out my creative life…I want to thank those of you who check in on me, and those who may wonder where I am or how I am doing.  My readership is important to me, and I hope I can grow this blog in a way which touches your lives.

Thank you.


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hello dear Sandy, I'll bet nobody forgets about you. What a job...fulltime. Hope you're doing okay. LOVE your pictuers and wouldn't it be fun to sit beside you with my camera trying to catch what you thanks for sharing.
Be well Dagmar

joyce said...

A world without the juice of creativity would be a boring world indeed..thanks for taking the time.

S. Etole said...

Always look forward to what you share here.