Thursday, July 12, 2012

Color Explosion

This year I have finally decided that I am not meant to be a "gardener," but I still want to have flowers for visual appeal, and to photograph.  I would like to encourage some of the good visitors to the garden, like butterflies and bees and caterpillars and have flowers fairly resistent to the more notorious species of critters which will keep me from my goals.  This includes controlling the rabbit population, apparently. 

So my small space is evolving into a perennial garden, one which I'm really beginning to enjoy.  I can spend a modest amount of time tending it, and then emerge with a camera and tripod and reap the benefits.  Perfect!

And when the little creatures come to visit, I am ready!


1 comment:

S. Etole said...

After this hot summer, I'm thinking perennials is the way to go, too. I like your little bench.