Saturday, April 21, 2012

Showcasing History and Culture

A few weeks ago we took a drive to Midland, a lovely community not far from us.  The day was overcast and cool, a typical spring day in Michigan, but we found some interesting photographs just waiting to be taken.

The courthouse, for instance, has a beautiful entrance.  I love doorways, particularly those which have a welcoming appeal.  Though the doors were obviously heavy, and the architecture strong, I still felt as if I could easily walk in that building and feel welcome.  Of course, it's a courthouse.  So you would only want to see what's inside from a photographer's perspective:).

Inserted as a panel in the stonework was a beautiful painting, illustrating it's early use as a trading post.  Weathered, yet preserved well, it was a wonderful account of a time in early Michigan history.

Next door to the courthouse was a charming building, with a working carillon playing familiar tunes.  Familiar and comforting, like Somewhere Over the Rainbow or Moonriver, but we were very bad and didn't write down the tunes and our memories are mush!  The bells moved with each note, and the bell-ringers were there to watch the show.

We've been to Midland many times over the years, and Daryl grew up there, but we'd never taken time to really stop and enjoy some of the potential photo sites.  Today we were really glad to have done so.


joyce said...

I love that courthouse...for some reason Midland sounds familiar...I'll have to look if Michigan is near the Ontario border, cause I grew up there and might have heard of it, and I'm afraid I don't know US geography very well!

S. Etole said...

Enjoyed these photos and the architectural detail.

Sandy K. said...

Yes, it's over on the Eastern part of the state, though not on Lake Huron. Beautiful community with lots to offer.