Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally - a Photo Outing!

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I can't believe how long it's been since I've logged in and posted.  Time passes so quickly and we fill our days with so many things.  As the semester winds down I am working to get to a simpler life, and schedule.

So a few days ago we decided to run away with another couple of photo junkies and find an adventure.  Our idea had been to drive over to Holland, on Lake Michigan, and take lots of tulip and lake pictures.  And then the rain started.  Part way there the gentlemen came up with Plan B - an indoor outing in the general direction we were headed.

This took us to Meijer Gardens, in Grand Rapids.  There we dodged field trips and grandparents with grandchildren in tow, and walked through the Butterfly Conservatory, caterpillar room, and a few of the outdoor garden offerings.  Though cold, the downpour stopped long enough for us to grab a few shots of tulips which weren't totally blowing in the breeze.

The lack of sunshine kept the butterflies quiet and flowers closed, but the outing refueled the creative drive and we had fun practicing our camera skills, trying a variety of settings, looking for a splendid composition, and enjoying being out and about.

Is this a horizontal or vertical shot?  You can see there are two shots being framed
if you look at how Daryl and Mary are holding their cameras.

Let's say it's vertical.
Have you gone anywhere lately which got you excited about photography?
Have you taken some fabulous shots you'd like me to add as links to the blog?

The DaVinci Horse/The American Horse

In 1493 Leonardo DaVinci created a full-scale model of his "horse" in clay.  It was destroyed in 1499 when French troops invaded Milan and used it as target practice.

In 1996 Nina Akama, an American animal sculptor, was commissioned to re-create it.  Using Leonardo's original sketches and drawings as sources of inspiration, "The American Horse" stands at 24-feet tall and has a place of honor looking over the gardens.

I'm looking forward. to spending more time sharing photography and learning ideas in the weeks to come.


Detroit Camera Store said...

Love the flower shots!

joyce said...

I like the way the tulips heads are bent in all directions! Great picture.

S. Etole said...

Enjoyed enlarging your photos and taking a closer look. Waiting for some spring flowers to appear here.

Jeanie said...

I'm thinking you may have seen more tulips in Holland, MI than I saw in Holland Netherlands! Lovely!