Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Bird Photography

Unfortunately, our days of outdoor winter photography have changed with our increasing health issues.  So we are getting creative with winter blinds - like this new set-up following the holidays.

We start with this, our Christmas tree.   The last few years we've purchased a potted tree, which we decorate with lights, and set on the deck outside the family room window.  Up until this year we have brought it in for a few days around Christmas, so the grandchildren can open presents "beneath" it.   But this year we left it outside and everyone seemed satisfied.  After the festivities, we end up with this.

Instead of putting the tree in it's final location, a stand of trees out front where we're beginning a wind-break, we created a spot to anchor the tree just off the deck.  The idea is to create a bird-feeding area where we can get some good bird shots from the warmth of our dining room:).  We have some pretty great windows to work from.  So now we add this:

and this:

and we get this:

and this:
 and this:

Now we do need some snow to add more color and texture to our images, but I do think we have a good start to our winter bird photography.  The next thing I need to add is a dark backdrop in the house, as when that lovely southern exposure we love is flooded with sunlight we get quite a bit of reflection on the wall facing the windows.  This creates reflection in the windows, and not the clear, sharp images we need.

For now, however, I'm pretty excited. 

Do any of you have winter "blinds" you work from?   Please share your ideas, and I'll link to your posts.


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