Friday, August 12, 2011

Experimenting with Photographs

I do know we're not even close to Halloween, but I was in the mood to play today. It's been an unispiring summer so I had to dig through a number of folders before I found something to "do." I took this picture last year after a member of our photography club created a splendid haunted house photo using this exact house. The deserted house is on my work route, and I shot it from a number of angles.

Photoshop and I have a rather tentative relationship. I can remover color from a photo and create a basic black & white. I can then increase constrast and play with light and dark...but I still can't change colors within a photo. This is something I had in mind to do with this shot, actually. I want to learn to change the dark windows to earie light. However, I remembered another site I've had fun experimenting with so decided to go there... Picnik.

Basic usage is free, and there's an upgrade which only costs $25.00 a year. Very reasonable for all the fun you can have. Besides the slightly spooky highlight, I added 4 details to this photo. Can you find them?

Maybe by the time October comes I will learn how to do the rest of the things I want to to this photo. Until then, I'll keep experimenting.

Have a great weekend. Find something creative to do!


S. Etole said...

Oh, for fun! Are the items a cobweb, two "ghosts", and a tombstone?

traci said...

that is a really cool image. i love old abandoned houses.

Jeanie said...

Really need to learn how to do Picnik better. This is a great photo -- you'll be having all sorts of fun with effects!

Sandy K. said...

Yes, you got them right, Sue. Picnik has been my go-to program of late. I think it's helping to bring my creative spark back. It also helps hide mediocre pictures:).