Monday, July 25, 2011

Lack of Inspiration

This summer I'm suffering from a lack of inspiration, or maybe it's more a lack of motivation. I find myself creating a laundry list of things to "do," but everything seems rote and uninspiring. I'm enjoying the weather, but not spending time admiring the details.

Things have got to change. Now.

So tonight I've chosen a few images from this summer's trip west to visit family as a way to get back the spirit which usually fills my creative soul during the months of the year I love to be outdoors. And hopefully it will be the start of more regular my writing has suffered terribly during this creative dry-spell! Most of these photographs will be part of new blog posts within the next week or so, with details of time and place, as well as a few interesting stories.
Thank you for checking in from time to time, and keep coming back....

The best is yet to come.



S. Etole said...

I always enjoy my visits here ... good to see you back!

nathalie said...

A great collection a photo - I'd love to read stories around each of them.