Monday, February 7, 2011

Red, WHITE, and Blue

I'm trying to live one day at a time. Really. We left on Saturday morning for our drive to Clarksville, TN, to see my nephew return from Afghanistan. The further south we drove the nicer the weather got (well, after a couple of hours of the dicey stuff in southern Michigan and northern Indiana). But then the clouds lifted, the sun came out, and milder temperature reigned! It was wonderful.

Even our arrival on Sunday was greeted with mild temperatures and sunshine. Then Monday arrived, starting with rain....and moving quickly to snow and cold.

Tonight we will sit in a hanger waiting for a midnight arrival...bundled and expectant. A "little bird" revealed the forcast for our journey home. Lovely.

But our mission will have been accomplished and a wonderful event will take place before that journey.

Welcome home to a group of very deserving soldiers!


S. Etole said...

What a neat photo and mission.

Char said...

thank him for me. hope you have safe and happy travels!

Jeanie said...

Hi, Sandy -- first, thanks for visiting the Marmelade Gypsy -- and what a great reason for a road trip! What a wonderful welcome home!

Anonymous said...

what a relief that will be for your family, to have him home safe :)

Relyn said...

I always cry when I see returning (or leaving) soldiers. Too much love, too much appreciation to be contained, I guess.

Jg. for FatScribe said...

Thank him and all the soldiers for their service. Such an honorable tradition. My oldest (13) is seriously West Point. Our country still has amazing young men and women!

oh, and re: your drive, you could have just taken the last train to Clarksville! (ouch ...)


georgia b. said...

oh, my!!! that bird photos is absolutely lovely! what a capture!