Thursday, December 16, 2010

Growing a Capital City - Ghana -10

The capital city of Accra is a growing force in the country - with eateries and tourist attractions and arts centers. Our first look at the city was upon landing in the country, at the international airport.

Driving through the traffic circles and crowded roadways, billboards advertised the Ghanaian's sources of pride.
On one of our field trips to the city we were introduced to "Frankies," which soon became a favorite of the students. Hamburgers, fries and shakes...what more could a group of Americans want?
Government buildings were large and grand, with obvious British architectural design.

And let us not forget the monument to the national sport - football. We did attend a match, and enjoyed the play immensely.

The art center was beautiful to see. It's a shame we couldn't squeeze in attendance at a performance while there. It's on the list for the next group to check out.

The country of Ghana is new, created in 1957. It is a country of contrast - these monuments to modern growth and hopes for the future, next to rudimentary living conditions and people living in the kingdom-structure of its heritage. It will be interesting to watch the development of the country and its people as they work to grow to be world economic players, particularly with the discovery of oil off shore.

50 years old. What was the United States dealing with at that point in our own history? What was education like? What was the blend of old and new? This sounds like another post or two!

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