Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seaside Adventures - Ghana - 5

Fishing boat coming in along the shore of the Gulf of Guinea

On our way to Accra for an outing we were fortunate enough to drive the beach road - allowing us time to stop and watch this fishing boat come in with its catch.

Once the boat was ashore, all efforts turned to pulling in the net, which would take over two hours. The students were invited to help, which they did with enthusiasm. Of course, we didn't have two hours to wait, but most of us decided we'd like to come back when we have the time and watch the entire process.

The boats look to carry between 10 or 12 people, while they set the net.

While a group of men stayed to pull on the line, others repaired nets on the beach, and still others set out again with a new net. Watching the effort it takes to move the boat out across the waves we had a deeper appreciation for the hard working lives of the Ghanian people.

Our experiences are diverse, here, and each weekend we look forward to another adventure.


histreasure said...

looks like you are having an amazing adventure. d pics r really lovely!

S. Etole said...

Catching up on your adventures! And enjoying them with you.